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This template is designed for self-employed and for those who need to easily manage a micro-business.

Click on the Add folder button above and this pre-configured folder will be added to your BASE·finance account.

This folder regroup several accounts, label lists and action flows, which you can customize to fit your specific needs. The normal flow of business begins with the Purchases and Sales accounts, where purchases orders, quotes and invoices can be generated. Then the Inventory and Payments accounts are automatically populated with these data.


Accounts are where your transactions are actually recorded. These are the accounts pre-defined in this template:

List of labels

Labels are used to easily classified transactions. Multiple lists can be used simultaneously at any time. These are the lists pre-defined in this template:

Actions flows

Actions flows are powerful tools for transforming set of records into documents or into other records. These are the flows pre-defined in this template: