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Money management for home and self-employed

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For your family or your micro-business, BASE·finance is a modern and flexible money manager on PC and mobile.
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Access your accounts from any device, including your PC and mobile phone.


Share your accounts between multiple users and work collaboratively.


Create custom fields for your accounts and labels, to better meet your specific needs.


Add as many accounts and tag lists as needed, there is no restriction.


BASE·finance uses the latest web technologies and works very quickly on all recent browsers.


Export or import your data as you wish, it is hosted securely on Google's own infrastructure.


The first 10,000 recordings are free. More than enough for most purposes!

Flexibility means you can adapt the tool to your needs and not the other way around.

You can set up BASE·finance to your specific needs by changing the configuration of accounts, tag lists and action flows. However, for your convenience, BASE·finance comes with a series of preconfigured applications, some simple and some more advanced.

Personal use

Very easy to use for your personal finances.

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Many features for your micro-business: generate invoices, get paid and keep your inventory up to date.

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Easily customize and generate simple quotes or invoices.

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If you own a microbusiness or just want to keep track of family finances, this app is for you! It is both easy to use, from a PC, tablet or mobile phone, and highly customizable, with the ability to create multiple accounts and personalized lists. BASE·finance works as a file manager, with folders containing accounts and tag lists. The 'Personal Finances' folder, for example, is offered by default and contains two accounts: a checking account and a credit card expense account. You can of course add as many accounts as you want. As for the label list, adapt it to your needs at will by creating new labels or modifying the existing ones. The 'Business' folder, on the other hand, includes specific accounts for purchases, sales, inventory and payments. You can customize your customer and product lists, and generate purchase orders, quotes, and invoices. The normal flow of business begins from the Purchases and Sales accounts, where purchase orders, quotes and invoices can be generated. Then, the Inventory and Payments accounts are automatically populated with this data.

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