Set up a Time Tracking web app

What is Time Tracking?

Do I need a Time Tracking software?

It is generally a good idea to keep track of your time. Remember: time is money! However, it is especially useful if you bill your customers by the hour.

Steps to create a Time Tracking web application:

There are lots of good Time Tracking software around, but we are going to use 2qip for this because it is free, easily customizable and accessible from anywhere:

  1. Create a folder
  1. Create a list of activity types
  1. Add some custom labels to your list
  1. Create a list of customers
  1. Add some customer names to your list
  1. Create an account to register your activity
  1. Create a template to generate invoices for your customers

Your Time Tracking application is configured! Now, to use it, proceed as follows:

To generate an invoice, follow these steps:

See what this looks like:

Time tracking screenshot Time tracking screenshot See by yourself in a live demo.